Sonntag, 15. März 2009

hello little miss e!

i am honored to have received this blogger award from you. i apologize for taking so long to put it up - but maybe you followed my blog the past few days and saw that i was visiting my dad's grandma in the south of germany. mainly i was sitting in the car the past two days which wasn't that much fun. but now i am home again and taking care of business... and if you believe it or not, blogs really bring people (back) together. two days ago, my grandpa's sister (she's living in australia) wrote a comment on my grandpa's blog. grandpa hadn't heard from her in years. it is really a great thing - blogging. can you imagine how the world was before? i can't :-) and no digital cameras... no facebook... unbelievable. great thing we live now and not thirty years ago. i feel kinda sorry for dad though :-)

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